Pedelikon Dionyssos Marble

//Pedelikon Dionyssos Marble

Pedelikon Dionyssos Marble

Dionyssos Marble Physical – Mechanical Properties
Apparent specific (kg/m³) 2,717
Absorption coefficient(wt%) 0.11
Compressive strength (kg/cm²) 111
Modulus of rupture (kg/cm²) 19
Abrasion resistance (mm) 6.68

Chemical Analysis
Calcite 98%
Dolomite 1%
Quartz 0.5%


Dionyssos- Pentelikon marble is one of the most well know marble in the world, because of its bright colour.
Dionyssos marble quarries are placed in Pentelic Mountain, and was founded in ancient times.
Because of its colour, architects and designers where able to create three-dimensional works of art to what is called sculptures, and widely used in the reconstruction of ancient temples, also found in the inner palace houses a rich garden.
The reason that makes Dionyssos marble unique construction material is because of its characteristics based on the clarity and transparency.
Combining the room light the designers are able to achieve a unique view dimensions of this special material.
Because of its hardness, is widely used as decoration material. Also used in to manufacture, special concrete, for road constructions and other. After processed and polished is used to decorate buildings, especially in the interior and exterior surfaces, cladding facades, and decorated fireplaces, in kitchens and floors.
Dionyssos or Pedelikon marble has age-old veins traversing the body of Greece, provide since time immemorial this noblest material for our plastic arts. Either white or colored, marble renders a unique expressiveness and quality to any artistic creation.
The famous Pentelic marble quarries began their operation during the Golden Age of Athens, providing thousands of cubic meters of the material used to built the Acropolis monuments and created most of the Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman sculptures.
These Pentelic quarries are still active today as a living link between Then and No, providing contemporary craftsmen and artists with the same material as their ancestors.
For 60 years the quarries still active as a link between the past and the present by producing this marble of eternal value. Furthermore, it produces, processes and provides the local and international market with a great variety of natural stones of various colors.


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