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What we do?

Mertika Marble LTD has been operating since many years in Athens, Greece, and acquired a great experience in the production and distribution of Marble, Granite, Stone, and Travertine in blocks, slabs, tiles for flooring and covering, lay-out projects, finished products, etc.

Mertika Marble LTD, further to the materials of Greek stone production, imports raw materials directly from all over the world, that is from Morocco, Turkey, Bulgaria, Egypt Europe, etc.

The selection, cutting, and polishing process is then made in Greece followed by the Mertika Marble LTD Staff to ensure a top quality production.

Therefore, Mertika Marble LTD is able to supply not only tiles and slabs but complete projects from A to Z to give full service to its own customers. We export to world-wide markets, like United States, Libya, Central America, China Singapore, South Korea Europe, keeping on competitive prices at the best quality-service.

In order to provide a direct service on place to own customers, Mertika Marble LTD relies on distributors and agents in Libya, Quatar, England, Italy, and USA, but at the same time is looking to widen own distribution and representation net to offer a better and more direct service to its own customers all over the world.

Who we are?

MERTIKAS’ MARBLES LTD” was founded in 1978 by Mr. Dimitrios and Mr. Athanasios Mertikas, who are still the sole owners and managers.

The object of our enterprise is marble processing.

In 1995 the company was transferred to a privately owned area of 12,000m² inside the industrial area of Athens (Mandra, Attica), where a modern factory was built covering an area of 3,000m² for marble volumes processing and polished slab-plates production, goods that are intended to supply marble Handicrafts and Industries.

Our company has a wide clientele from around the world, which absorbs the annual production estimated up to 400.000 m². Its success lies on its quality item and great quantity of Greek and foreign origin marble it disposes. The company’s human power is consisted by 30 experts on their work sector. “MERTIKA’S MARBLE due to all mentioned above occupies a leading position in the Greek marble market.


We want all our customers to be fully satisfied. We will answer all your questions and try to improve the theme according to your suggestions.

Location of business sector

The company has a significant piece of the market in south western Greece and the Ionian islands, the eastern Aegean, the Cyclades and Crete, which has been active for years with excellent quality products at competitive prices. This fact has led to the development of serious expertise, a stable clientele for the company (fixed link customer – supplier) and loyal associates.

At present time, our company having secured uninterrupted supply of raw materials from the quarries of the “WHITE MARBLE PANAGIAS SA” which is a shareholder and other quarries that works for years,is moving into the market with a low poverty rate, while it has developed a good clientele.

We Can Do It

We want all our customers to be fully satisfied. We will answer all your questions and try to improve the theme according to your suggestions.
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